Saturday, October 24, 2009

Intern Dan

This week marked a turning point in my life. I finally got to go on a lunch ride with the big kids. The corporate professionals with real jobs, families, and a little thing I like to avoid known as "responsibility", all go ride mountain bikes during their lunch breaks. Well, on Friday it finally worked out that my school schedule allowed me to go the same time they all went.

I was excited to get my chance to show what I had. It was a much appreciated internship with the who's who in utah county.

And it was magical.

We even invented a new term, "Toking the Pipe" referring to riding up the pipe on Dry. None of us actually managed to Toke the Pipe, but we all gave it a fair shot.

We even resorted to full on time trial start attempts, with Kenny and Rick holding Aaron upright so he could get a strong start. Still, no dice.


Aaron said...

Not a bad first day there sonny. It was especially good form not successfully toking the pipe on your first attempt - us old-timers don't take kindly to you young whipersnappers making us look bad.

Ricky said...

You know, I had completely forgotten that ride. After all, it was a year ago. Well, maybe two weeks ago. Anyhow, I remember it well because it was the day my diaper gave way in my pants on the way to the social security office to collect my pension so that I can pay for my bread and milk. You know, when you get to the latter stages in life, these things happen. Now where was I? Oh yeah, the diaper. It was messy. At the bingo game the night before, the wonderful staff prepared split pea soup, applesauce, crackers, and some canned meat for us. Bless their souls. Wait, what was I talking about?

It was fun rounding up the corporate counselor, the small business owner, and you, the intern, to introduce you to the corporate lifestyle. You’ve got talent, kid. Real talent. Listen, don’t use bleach on your spandex shorts to get that stain out. Use a mild detergent and scrub hard. See, I can say stuff like that because I’m old.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to successfully toke the pipe. In the meantime, we’ll keep smoking it.