Monday, February 22, 2010

She's finally starting to come together

Well, its been a month. Time to post something new. I guess the only time I find something worth posting is after a race or when I get some new bike part, or when I come to some life altering conclusion while out riding.

I raced the first week in February...Frozen Hog. Totally sucked. The only reason I didn't quit the thing after running the first mile was cause we needed the points to keep the trophy at Racer's. However, the best comment of the whole race was made by some individual in the first quarter mile or so:

ME: This sucks. Running sucks.

INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUAL: Yeah, I really don't mind getting my butt kicked in a lousy running race

ME: Good point. Running in the snow is so fun though. Especially in stiff soled bike shoes while carrying a bike


ME: Oh, wait. Running in slush, slamming my shins on my cranks, and ramming my baby makers into my stem really does suck. What was I thinking????

So yeah, not a whole lot to report on the Frozen Hog. Greggy won the overall, Kenny was right on his heels winning the masters division, and Noah pulled a 1st in the children's division. Me, well, I finished. Either way we did good enough to keep the trophy for another year.Now, as for new parts...well, check this out:
Yup, I finally got a frame to go with my seat collar. Looks good. (and yes, this photo was taken on the kitchen table)
Instead of ordering all the parts one by one like I intended, I ended up just ordering everything at once. Patience never was a virtue I managed to possess for very long.

So yeah, some sick crank, shifters, and derailleurs should be coming tomorrow...feels a little like Christmas....

And now for my life altering life experience....
I'm sure something will come up later...

Other than that I have a shameless plug for Ascent, a sweet Garmin ride tracking software.
For anybody out there who uses a Garmin and wants a good way to monitor/track their riding buy the Ascent software. Its the best 40 bucks you can spend.
I heard about it from Miles, and it is just incredible. Super easy to view all your data from each ride.
I had some issues when I first downloaded it, but the customer support was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The guy emailed me back quite quickly and we got it all figured out. Very patient with me despite my block headedness.

So yeah, check it out here:


Kyle said...

only $40 bucks.... plus $599 for a mac mini unless you're already a mac user. ;)

nails said...

Sweet frame. I hope all new parts are being added. I'm curious to see how the geometry on the niner stacks up against the felt, keep us posted. And yes, running in the snow sucks, even without a bike.

Jamie said...

Good work Dan. I am glad you are finally learning how to run! :)