Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nebo Thursday

So deciding to take full advantage of finals week once again, Thursday I went out for a rather epic ride: around Mt. Nebo.

The full loop, starting and finishing in Provo comes out to somewhere between 110 and 120 miles. Make 22 miles of that climbing up Payson canyon and you've got yourself a sweet/fun/long/awesome/beautiful day on a bike.

I planned on leaving around 8:00 am to avoid the summer heat, but yeah, like that ever happens. I managed to be out on the road around 9:30. Just early enough to be back in time for work later that afternoon.

Figuring the ride to take about 7 hours, I was right on pace.

As I left Provo the wind was blowing from the south, a good sign as to how the leg from Nephi back to Payson would be on the return. I have never ridden from Nephi to Payson without a stiff headwind. Oddly enough, the wind managed to change later that day and once again I was stuck making the dreaded stretch with a slight up hill and head wind...very ideal conditions (in case you are slightly confused, please google search "sarcasm")

The 22 mile ride up Payson canyon was beautiful. I wasn't in any kind of hurry to break any records, so I took my sweet time, stopping to take plenty of pictures. The ride down was nice, but like I said earlier, the ride back from Nephi to Payson was a bit monotonous.

Either way, the ride was incredible. Good enough to stop and take my ear phones out and just enjoy the scenery and natural surroundings. It was pretty great just being out there. A small reminder of just what a great planet God has given us to live.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the ride:
Pictures coming later tonight, I have to go to class now....


Carrie said...

Did I hear you say earphones????? Wait til ypur father comes home!!! Love, yo mama

Amberlyn said...

June? That was the last time you wrote on this thing... Not that your ego needs the boost, but your blog was actually entertaining to read. You should write something new.