Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This won't be funny. At least I'm not planning on it being that way.

I've had an interesting week. It's only half over but I've managed to NOT do a lot more than I actually HAVE done in a whole week's time. I'm sitting at my desk at school, looking at all the books I've collected over the last 6 years; chemistry, physics, physiology, anatomy, biology, nutrition, and my mind rushes back to past times. Times of stress from having to learn insane amounts of information, only to spit it out on a scan tron then forget it the next morning. Times of grief from having to spend beautiful afternoons inside memorizing cellular mechanisms and pretending to understand them as I stumble my way through pages and pages of research. And of course the good times. All the times I left my desk, with papers unwritten, power point slides unstudied, research unread, and quizzes untaken, to take the afternoon off to go pedal my bicycle around Utah county.

I have class right now, but my deep personal soul searching isn't be continued...

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