Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Training

The first year I raced bicycles, Kyle and I had an ongoing battle for who could ride up Squaw "Puke" the fastest. I held my own for a few weeks until he threw down a 23 minute climb time. Nothing I could even come close to without a V6. Since that year (2006) I haven't really tried very hard to best my Squaw time...until now. My new secret training ride is just that...Squaw.

(Now that it's not a secret anymore, I'm fully aware everyone in Utah county will start kicking my trash at the ICUP's...)

Either way, I forgot just how pretty it is up there...

(Really the entire purpose of this post was to post a picture of my could maybe say I am slightly infatuated with it)


Unknown said...

Usually you see guys posting pictures of girls...but no. Not Dan Nelson. I find it hysterical.

Nadine said...

Dan! I just re-discovered your blog... and I love it. Keep it up. One thing though... in this picture, that second water bottle (the one in the back) looks more like a sippy cup... just sayin' :)