Monday, December 7, 2009

Next Level Training: Featuring Coach Dan

A few guys in the area have expressed interest in stepping it up this next year. Getting a coach is a great way to do that. Now here comes my shameless plug for....myself.

As an avid cyclist, masters student in exercise physiology, and pending level 2 USA Cycling certified coach, I figure I should start putting my experience to good use. Which is why I've come up with....drumroll please....
Next Level Training.
Yup. That's right. I am officially selling myself out as a coach. Don't worry, I will still be more than happy to listen to any training questions you may have out on the group rides...I'll just expect some form of payment if you want an answer; like a pack of Mike and Ikes or a few grains of CarboRocket.

I've been working with a few guys in the area for the last few seasons and I think they would agree that having a method to the madness is quite beneficial.

The good things is that now there is a more economical option to those of you who are looking for a bit more structure in your training. After looking around at coaching prices I can assure you hiring Coach Dan is quite economical. After all my reason for coaching isn't to get rich. If I wanted to get rich I'd start a bike shop. I just like helping people. Especially when it comes to bikes.

So if you are interested check out the blog. Give me a call or email and we can chat more. I'd love to work with you so we can all put "fast" at the beginning of our names.
Check out the blog:
Next Level Training
Wondering if getting a coach is right for you? Look here:
Rationale for Hiring a Coach


Koko said...

Do you do "next level training" for exercise bikes? ;) The "question" price seems super reasonable.

KC said...

Sent an email to the next level email address.