Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Diggs

I am no longer homeless. To be completely honest, I don't even miss being homeless. I thought it might be kinda fun for a bit, living on the edge. Be in all reality, it's that same kind of fun that comes with riding your bike really fast across a large icy patch; a bit exciting at first, but when its all over, nice to be back on solid ground.

And so here I am on solid ground. It really is nice to not only have a place to call home again, but a pretty dang nice place at that. Throughout my time here in Provo, I have managed to find incredibly cheap housing. As you can guess, I have gotten exactly what I have paid for.

Some highlights of my past housing arrangements have included:

  1. Living in the basement furnace/heater/pipe room where the radiator pipes that heat the whole house ran all through the room and 3 feet from my face while I slept. I had to wear those little goggles they give you at tanning salons just to sleep at night.
  2. Living in a house so old the bathtub had feet. Not little feet like a table, but actual clawed feet like an eagle would use to scoop up unsuspecting fish out of a lake for supper.
  3. That same house had an incredibly efficient heater. So efficient, in fact, the property management people decided to lock it on throughout the months of June to August. This worked out well on the summer nights when I got a bit chilly and the temperature dropped to 89 degrees. That heater was right there to ensure my home stayed in the comfy zone of 190 to 240 degrees.
  4. Cinderblock walls at Cinnamon Tree. Enough said.
  5. Last of all, the list topper would have to of been the caving in ceiling in the house that did have a washer and a dryer, just across the room from each the to the slanted pool the room next the the fireplace we used to burn the excess trash that would not fit into the overflowing garbage can we all seemed to forget to take to the curb every week. I am 98% confident things were burned in that fireplace that gave off fumes toxic enough to pollute every drop of water contained in the great lakes 7 times over.
With that said, I must admit I really have enjoyed the adventure known as college housing in Provo. (in case anyone from the Provo Residential Zoning department or BYU Housing department does in fact somehow stumble across any of the above information, please keep in mind the statute of limitations on any of the implied above violations)

And now on to the new place:
Here is our living room with our new futon.
Here is the view from the futon. Since we don't have a TV yet, we like to sit down and watch the TV stand. Or we'll watch the cycling posters we haven't hung up yet that we just lean against the walls
Here's just another shot of our living room.

Moving into such a nice place has inspired me to raise the bar of neatness and cleanliness. A few of these changes/goals include:
  • Removing shoes before coming in
  • Cleaning the kitchen and all involved dishes within 1 month of the meal they were originally used for
  • Making my bed each morning
  • Taking the time to put everything away in it's place. (And just maybe perhaps it's "place" happens to be on the floor, next to like 20 other things that all happen to be their "place")
  • Showering more than 3 times a week. Ok so that's been a goal for a while now. With so many other fun things to do, like computer programming and WarCraft, regular showers are tough to get in. (PS Kyle, I just so happen to have the incredibly chiseled body I do, thanks to hours and hours of sitting with good posture while playing SimCity 2000)
Ok, so in all reality, the best part of the new house is the garage. I don't have a picture of it yet because every time I go down to take a picture of it, I get distracted by the bikes. Yes, we finally have a garage big enough for ALL our bikes. It 's like a little piece of heaven right here in south Provo.

Another great aspect of the place is that its about 4 miles from BYU campus, making for a lot longer bike commute to school. I like riding bikes so I like the extra time on the road each day. Better than that even, the first day I even rode to school, my good buddy/teammate/rival/life coach/role model saw me riding and thought I was tough. Kinda.

Well anyway, I'm off to go do something tough, like make my bed


Unknown said...

Nice kitchen sink!

Unknown said...

It's about time you live somewhere nice and take responsibility for cleanliness...I mean what?

Unknown said...

Wow, I feel famous. I even got a link to my blog!!! The place looks super chill. Invite us over sometime for a look-see.

Unknown said...

BTW... Nice Futon...I'm embarrassed to know this, but $149 at Ikea?

Dan said...

Yup, Kyle. You nailed it.

austinmcraig said...

The New place looks Nice! Good Job!