Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Temper Tantrums, Motley Crue, Dancing With Myself, and Last Ride of the Season

4 Items of Business tonight:

I threw a temper tantrum today. Now you may be thinking it was some kind of modified adult version, but no, it was full on 2 year old style anger management.

The only thing adult about it was the language used. For those of you who know I attend BYU, lets just say I shouted a word starting with "D" and ending in "arnit". For those of you who don't know about my affiliation with the religious institution after the order of Brigham, use your imagination as to what came out. You're probably right.

My infantile outburst came somewhere around the halfway point of my ride this evening. I was halfway up between the rock pile and the top of Dry when I hit a steep, loose rocky pitch that has a tendency to make back wheels lose traction and slip.

It wasn't a particularly technical section, not nearly as bad as parts of upper Frank, but add the following factors up and you can maybe see why it happened: A) my rear tire was practically bald from 4 days of Moab, B) My legs are still burnt out from 4 days of Moab C) I lifted weights with my legs yesterday D) I've been in a semi grumpy mood lately, probably a result of the slow but sure onset of the realization that I am going nowhere with my life.

The moment I slipped and had to clip out and put my foot down I became quite outraged. It wasn't even the hardest part of the trail. The bike was promptly thrown into bushes and I began to weave a tapestry of profanity tight enough to hold water. (Ok so I really just said "dangit" but oh, my thoughts of what to say ran wild) Either way my actions resembled that of a young child, attempting to communicate the disappointment associated with not getting a lollipop. It was bad.

Approximately 5 seconds after the event finished I picked up my bike. I came to my full senses at how silly I must have looked, even looked around to make sure nobody saw my tantrum, remounted my bicycle, and proceeded to ride up the rest of the hill. It was an embarrassing event, but apparently not so much as I am now writing about it to tell both of you who read this blog.

The night of the Helloween ride, Aaron Smith shocked and amazed us all by smoking the pipe, at night, and in costume. How was this done? you might ask...well, quite simply, he simply sang "Jumpstart My Heart", by Motley Crue. Since that night I have questioned the powers of 80's rock, but it wasn't until tonight that I attempted to utilize the secret power of the Crue. As I came around to the top of Dry Canyon I found the song on my iPod, cranked it up as loud as I could, and began singing along, as loud as I could. When I arrived at the corner marking the start of the pipe I beheld a middle aged couple (probably just done smoking the pipe themselves, hiker style) staring at the pipe.

I paid no attention to the multitude nor did I give heed to what they thought of me. I continued along my merry way, singing "Jumpstart" as loud as I could and bombed the pipe with all the confidence in the world. NEVER underestimate the power of the Crue. Which brings us to point #3

Blink 182 once covered a song "Dancin' with Myself" and while the implied meanings are completely different (I won't go into what the song is about here, but I am sure you can use your imagination to figure that one out) I found some parallels in my newfound ability to sing and dance, even when nobody else can hear the music. My new lifetime hero, Adam Lisonbee taught me this while on our trip to Moab. Dance, even if nobody else can hear the music. And so I have. I also sing. Its kind of embarassing, but hey, my name is Dan, don't you ever tell me how to live my life.

I think today may have been the last good ride of the season in Utah County. Snow and rain are expected the rest of the week, and once the trails bog down its tough to find them dry till spring. I rode everything I could tonight, (and on a side not woudl strongly recommend a light slightly larger than a MiNewt if you plan on doing much single track in the dark) and just soaked it in, not knowing when the next time I would be able to hit all my favorite trails in the same day again....soon...I hope...

Well, that's all I have to say about that.


Unknown said...

thanks dan (hope you are the right dan) for showing me a little tlc at racers shop that allowed me to spend the last local good weather day riding all my favorite trails w/o a rattling fork and flailing brake lines on my new superfly. growing up in NE utah county, i have been to that pipe 100+ times. yet i have not bombed it once. 100+ times i have loudly called myself something that starts with "p" and ends with "ussy" prefaced with descriptive adjectives. but it looks like there will be time before the snow hits to ride frank2dry this morning. pipe - you are mine!

Grizzly Adam said...

Sometimes dancing when nobody else can hear the music is the best kind of dancing.

Ricky said...

You nearly made me cry with this post. The day you put it up obviously was not your last ride out on Frank. Kenneth, Aaron, and I sniffed out the fresh tracks you left on the snow covered trail that leads out from the Altar this evening. The snow was not the normal yellow color. It was a more green than yellow. We figured you must have been jacked up on LemonLime CarboRocket.

I will bet you a [diet, caffeine-free, of course] coke that we will get up there again next week. Your best ride is yet to come, son.

Adam was a Good Samaritan to/for me. I will never forget this. I too will adapt his suggestion to dance, even if nobody can hear the music. In fact, I’m dancing right now.

Dan said...

Rich: Yes, this is the right Dan. If you ever need anything, let me know. my email address is shoot me an email
Ricky: Yes the lemon-lime carbo rocket does create a slightly discolored effect in my urine. I will buy you a whole case of your favorite decaffeinated beverage if we get to ride dry again...I already miss it....