Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Cannon

6 years ago in the late fall of 2003, after a very successful year of Dry Ice Bomb holidays, my mind reached a level of unease. While blowing up random objects with soda bottles filled with dry ice was fun and entertaining, I knew there was more out there.

I knew there was a potential not being reached. So I dreamed. And as a direct result of that dream, harnessing the absolute power of dry ice I bring you....

The dry ice bomb cannon.

Invented by yours truly in 2003 and powered solely by the explosion of a 20oz soda bottle of dry ice it generates enough force to launch a can over a 26 story building. you see here, the power to smash a TV.

After several years of experimentation with multiple brothers involved, the cannon has returned, better than ever.


Miles: said...

Awesome - Inspiring video.

Someone was giggling like a girl - Was that you Dan?

KanyonKris said...


I want to learn the secrets of the dry ice cannon. My spud gun is no longer enough firepower.

South County Ciclista said...

Nice. The best part is hearing you laugh.

Koko said...

You would get along great with JECs cousins in Manila